Monday, June 11, 2012

NC Adventures

For Memorial Day weekend the Carter's made a trip to New Bern NC to visit Nini and Paul Paw!  We had a great time and went on lots of adventures!  I tried to narrow down pictures to share but had trouble because we did so many fun things and my children are so stinkin' cute! 

It didn't take Emmy long to find her chair on the porch!

And it didn't take Caleb long either!

We spent one day at the beach...despite the choppy water and crazy weather, we had a nice time!

Caleb's first beach trip and first time touching the ocean!

We ate extremely well (as always) and Marshal and Lynn drove down from Raleigh to visit

We went on in Mom and Dad's new Kayak - Emmy LOVED it!

It wouldn't be a visit with Nini without a little painting!

Caleb flying

One really cool thing we did is take the kids to the place we got married!  We reinacted a few candids from our wedding album with the kids.  We also celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary while we were there!

Anyone recognize that umbrella?!

Emmy helped out by walking Annie in the neighborhood.

Caleb's favorite nap spot was on the couch with Nini - Nini didn't mind it so much either!

Emily is a great big sister, she enjoys reading to Caleb and showing him the pictures.

After Joel returned home to go back to work, I stayed with the kids and we continued our adventures by going to the Aquarium.  Emily had a great time taking it all in and Caleb was great and slept most of the time when he wasn't being forced to take cute pictures in large crabs!

We also had some down time and played in the yard, Emmy loved having control of the hose!

Caleb is growing so fast and getting very strong!

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