Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Carter Christmas Poem 2009

Gone since last year but now back and alive
The Carter Christmas Poem has now made it year five!
But if these once a year updates just can't keep you calm
We bought a house in Maryland just north of DC,
At least WE can benefit from the bad economy.
And so many visitors, much more than three
Why didn't this happen back in Greenville, NC?
Is it the monuments, museums, the zoo or just us?
We're happy either way so there is no need to fuss.
Our lives since we moved here have hardly stood still,
And we entertain all the time now since we bought our fist grill.
Are ailments this year have not been so fun,
Like Keli's rough bout with the H1N1,
And Joel thought his stomach hurt just from something he ate
but his appendix got worse from an ER trip so late.
Kelli has fully recovered and Joel's appendix is now out,
and we're back enjoying life so there is no need to pout.
Kelli is happier now than she ever has been
'cause Joel will be an intern never again!
He finally got a real job with the DoD
Making the terrorist more worried than they ever could be.
Kelli's job gives cause for even great emotion
'cause with all her hard work she received a promotion.
And Brady's back with the Pats but each week is a toil,
It's years like this that us fans must stay loyal.
We missed the McCurry Thanksgiving and hated being away
But Kelli's cooking and baking more than save the day,
Hosting our first Thanksgiving with the Carters and boy it was the best
She was a true Martha Stuart minus the house arrest.
And as Christmas approaches we received quite a treat
The snow's coming in fast and approaching two feet!
We pass on the spirit of Chrismas just as much as can be
Like when we volunteered in this live nativity!
As we spend our fifth Christmas we'll be thinking of you
So have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years too!