Saturday, September 27, 2008

Joel Cooked...I didn't and wouldn't have believed but I watched it happen!
Yummy goodness
A sneak peek at the kitchen!
While I sipped tea to fight a sore throat I felt coming on, my wonderful husband made me a fabulous dinner. Seriously I think it was the best dinner he has ever made me ever! Tuna steak with a tomato, mushroom yummy salsa deal on top with of course my favorite green beans on the side! Then he let me rent Sisterhood of the traveling pants and he watched it with me...what a date night! He is sooo sweet!

Sycamore Drive

This is the living space looking behind the loveseat to the office!
Hi Scout!
We have a DISHWASHER, not sure who is more excited us or Scout!

It's been a long time in coming, me posting pics of our new place. I think part of me thought that if I didn't show pictures than you would all visit me and come and see our place...but that has only worked with a few of you so before I get yelled at anymore I thought I should post something. BUT please know that I want to do more decorating and rearranging and hanging pictures and this is just a peek of the living area, you still have to come visit!

Joel's trip to NH!

Joel went up to NH at the end of August just after the Carter's were displaced from their home because of a flood that reached 3 + feet into their first floor and their entire basement. Fortunately Home Depot and the Red Cross have been a HUGE help and they should be back into a better than new home the first of November. Please keep them in your prayers as it is difficult to be displaced and loosing personal unreplacible items.

Fenway of the South

So we did wait long to go to a sporting event, but for those of you who know us you shouldn't be surprised, especially because it was a Red Sox game! We drove to Baltimore where the Red Sox beat the Orioles and we enjoyed hot dogs and great seats with our friend Pete Larkin behind home plate. Life is rough here let me tell you.

Pictures from the move!

It was a big task, but we had lots of help! Thank you to everyone who helped in NC and VA. It looks like we will be doing it again first of next year as we look at buying a house in MD! (even the Kayaks made it!)