Sunday, June 5, 2011

Double Ponytails...

...Otherwise known as pigtails. YES I am that crazy mom who has discovered that her 9 month olds hair will go up into not only one fountain like ponytail BUT two adorably cute horn like pigtails!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2011 was a good day, an extremely hot day but good! Our Home Group from church came over and we had a nice BBQ but ate inside because it was so stinking hot!

More changes...

What a cute house behind all of that trash!
(above: after)
(Above: Before pic)

Over the past 6 months we have made lots of changes to our house. Recently my mom and dad visited and helped with some big home projects (painting shutters, the door, hauling trash, yard work, fixing new doors that have broken and faucets that are leaking) A HUGE THANK YOU to Nanet and Paul Paw and all of our other friends and family who have been so supportive this year!