Saturday, July 12, 2008

Falls Church Farmers Market

Saturday morning Joel and I walked down the street to the local Farmers market. We bought some homemade granola, salmon dip, and pastries! YUMMY! I am so excited about being around so much yummy food and local produce. It was a great way to start the day.

Our First Big Adventure in DC

Friday night Kelli came to pick me up from the metro. I wanted to see her as quickly as possible so I chose to wait to use the bathroom until after I got home... A poor, poor decision on my part. When I got to my stop Kelli tried to start the car and it would not start. Frantically I called Dottie and Jim and they came to our rescue! However the situation I cared about most was not starting the car but relieving myself... The heroine of the night though was Dottie as she recommended "the dark park" right around the corner. After that, Jim and I peacefully and calmly jumped our car. Hooray!

Our home in between homes

This is where Joel & I are living with his aunt and uncle (Dottie and Jim Tonkowich) in Falls Church, VA. This is so much more than we could have asked for. Thanks Jim and Dottie!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The 4th in Glenside!

Joel wearing a Patriots shirt...surprise, surprise!

My first 4th in Glenside! I enjoyed it a lot. I had fun playing with,my cousin, Pic. I caused my mom and dad a little stress but we won't talk about that!
Joel, Scout, and I have decided to keep up with stuff or for stuff to keep up with us we would start a blog! So here we are...