Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Carter Christmas Poem 2009

Gone since last year but now back and alive
The Carter Christmas Poem has now made it year five!
But if these once a year updates just can't keep you calm
We bought a house in Maryland just north of DC,
At least WE can benefit from the bad economy.
And so many visitors, much more than three
Why didn't this happen back in Greenville, NC?
Is it the monuments, museums, the zoo or just us?
We're happy either way so there is no need to fuss.
Our lives since we moved here have hardly stood still,
And we entertain all the time now since we bought our fist grill.
Are ailments this year have not been so fun,
Like Keli's rough bout with the H1N1,
And Joel thought his stomach hurt just from something he ate
but his appendix got worse from an ER trip so late.
Kelli has fully recovered and Joel's appendix is now out,
and we're back enjoying life so there is no need to pout.
Kelli is happier now than she ever has been
'cause Joel will be an intern never again!
He finally got a real job with the DoD
Making the terrorist more worried than they ever could be.
Kelli's job gives cause for even great emotion
'cause with all her hard work she received a promotion.
And Brady's back with the Pats but each week is a toil,
It's years like this that us fans must stay loyal.
We missed the McCurry Thanksgiving and hated being away
But Kelli's cooking and baking more than save the day,
Hosting our first Thanksgiving with the Carters and boy it was the best
She was a true Martha Stuart minus the house arrest.
And as Christmas approaches we received quite a treat
The snow's coming in fast and approaching two feet!
We pass on the spirit of Chrismas just as much as can be
Like when we volunteered in this live nativity!
As we spend our fifth Christmas we'll be thinking of you
So have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years too!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Maryland, a winter wonderland?

The snow started Friday night around 10pm and I am sitting here now 8pm Saturday and it is still going strong. I don't think I have ever seen this much snow in my whole life. We woke up and there was about 8 inches and now about 2 feet. Scout loves the snow even when it is taller than he is. We spent all day hanging out with our cool neighbor Charlotte and watching Elf and building an igloo. So overall a productive day!

Carter Christmas

What beautiful ladies we are!

All I can say is Grandma Jean gives the best gifts! Thank you Grandma Jean.

Jim and Dottie hosted us on Saturday for a yummy dinner and a Grandma Jean Christmas celebration!

Dorothy played elf and delivered all the presents!

Joel got a lobster pot so he can cook at home and not just on Harbor Island! Great gift Patton!

Papa Carter looking very cool in his new shades!

To celebrate Christmas saturday morning we made breakfast starting with yummy bacon.

After Thanksgiving, while the Carters were still here we celebrated Christmas together.

Thanksgiving with the Carters

After dinner we played a little darts in the basement. Joel and I are trying to make a "game hallway" down stairs.

Grandma Jean brought a bonnet for me to wear and I already had the apron.

we actually all fit around a table in the living room. I didn't think it was going to happen but I was pleasantly surprised. I think everyone was relatively comfortable even though we were tightly seated.

Joel did a good job carving the turkey with a little coaching! Thanks Uncle Jim.

Joel and Jim also helped in the kitchen. Jim made some yummy brussel sprouts. I never knew that I could like BRUSSEL SPROUTS.

My first thanksgiving and the turkey looked pretty good!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Phase 2 - Home ownership

So the tree the raccoons have been using as there ladder will be no more after tomorrow! We are paying a large amount of money to have a professional tree removal guy and crane come in and take away the 2 trees in our backyard! Wow I am too young to be excited about tree removal and Home Depot trips but here I am excited! Pray that the tree and branches do not fall on our house in the process!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The joys of home ownership!

Over the long weekend, we were enjoying a lazy breakfast looking out into our backyard. Joel so calmly says "Kelli there is a raccoon in our backyard." I couldn't tell if Joel was joking as he often does or if he was being serious. So I look for myself and there it was just taking its time walking through the backyard with a mouse in its mouth. Joel grabbed the camera and went out on the back porch and it slowly moved up the ginormous tree (that needs to be removed) and on to our roof. It then proceeded to climb down the chimney to apparently feed the rest of the family. Did I mention that we have a family of RACCOONS living in our house? Oh well we do!

Kristin comes to visit

My friend Kristin came to visit for the Labor Day weekend. We enjoyed a lazy weekend with a few adventures in DC. We visited the memorials Saturday night and then the National Harbor on Sunday. The National Harbor had weird sculptures children could play and climb on, so we did!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Harbor Island, ME

Joel, Scout and I were scheduled to leave Saturday morning but tropical storms did not want us to leave. So we had one more rainy, windy day on the island with Dad Carter, Abigail, and David playing games and keeping warm by the stove inside!

The last crew on Friday night.

The biggest lobster I have every seen and Granda Jean cleaned it up very nicely! I've never seen someone enjoy lobster with such throughness like she did!

On Friday Grandma Jean came to HI. I felt very honored to be there with her. She Loves the island and shared lots of knowledge and memories that she had with her kids and the Carter family. We also surprised her with a lobster feast.

Joel and I spent Wednesday night alone on the island and had a big adventure. Quickly I will share...Scout, our wonderful dog, decide all week that he wanted to chase porcupines and play with them. After 3 attempts he still didn't get that they didn't want to play with him. So the night we were alone we were walking back from swimming at a spot on the island called Merry's Bath. Scout following close beside. It was around 3pm so we weren't worried that he would find any Porcupine friends at such an early hour. But Scout has a great sense of adventure and smell that it didn't take him long before he was off in the thick of the forest barking and we couldn't get him to come back. So Joel, in flip flops and bathing suit, goes running in after him to save him from more quills in the face. I run back to the house and try to call for each of them and no answer. Then I hear Joel yell and I see him running up the Foreshore path yelling BEES BEES. So as Joel runs with bees chasing him, scout comes prancing back to the house with tail wagging and 10 quills in his nose and face! Joel got stung 10 times and we had to use plyers to remove the quills from Scout. Needless to say Scout was grounded to the leash for most of the rest of the week!
The first Carter Crew (Mom Carter and Dorthy left Wednesday so Dorthy could start school Thursday SENIOR YEAR!)
Emily and I looking croquette cool and Joel expecting a little carter?
Ladies on Guitar
The mammas
The Wolf Family
Scout LOVES to swim.
Then all decided to swim a bit except me...way too cold!
The clam flats at mid tide
The crew watching Little Isaac swim in freezing cold water!
Emily and Isaac Wingfield drove from RI with mom and dad to meet us for 4 days!

Where do I start...One week on HI is an experience that leaves me speechless every time. It's hard to describe to anyone how wonderful it truly is. I can honestly say that it is one of my favorite places on Earth. So with that said we left 8pm Friday night and arrived 8am Saturday morning. We anticipated that we would meet Hurricane Bill in our travels or once we arrived but thankfully, and with lots of prayers, that was not the case. The first 3 nights on the island we had quit a crew. Starting on the Left: Daddy Dixon, Momma Dixon, Joel, Me, Lenay, Emily, David, Isaac Wingfield. And upfront Left: Isaac and Dylan. Our first lobster feast!