Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The back yard. Scouts new place to entertain friends (there is an open invite to Annie, Copper, Dakota, and Peanut!)
One view of the kitchen with new tile flooring and new appliances
Here are a few from the front. New windows!
Here you will see one of my favorite features, original glass door knobs.
As some of you know, Joel and I have been looking for a house in MD nearer to my work and a place we can call home. We have finally found it! We are under contract and if all goes as planned we will close on March 31st!!! It all seems to be happening so fast but we are very excited. There is plenty of room so we want all of you to come visit this summer or sooner (if you want to help paint and decorate with Kelli).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is our dog with snow :)

This is our house with snow!
Sol doing an awesome shovel job!

As most of the East Coast had lots of snow Monday morning and more to come! As the snow continued to fall we pulled out our broom and ice scrapers to get the car ready for work. Joel worked from home but I ventured into the office around mid day. So we were able to enjoy some hot chocolate with Rachel and Sol after our snow adventure before heading off.

Adam and Lauren's Wedding in ME!

Over Valentine's Joel and I traveled to Maine to one of our good friends weddings! It was a nice wedding on Valentine's day, we were able to see friends and visit while helping the celebrate their big day!
Adam and Kelli
Bride and Groom
The Groom and his Groom's Men (Left Doyle, Justin, Groom and Joel)
I found a moose and gave him a kiss!
Groomsmen again!
The happy couple at the rehearsal

More from New Years!

Auntie Em and Charlotte in her new hat (Kelly made it!)
Mark had a late night is is sleepy so Charlotte joins him on the couch.
Nanet and Paw Paw bought Charlotte a horse from Christmas!
Charlotte loves her daddy!
Em and Isaac cute pic.