Sunday, November 2, 2008

Silly me...

I just realized that my comments to the pictures are under the picture and it looks like they are with the wrong picture so don't get confused! Sorry.

NYC - Brooklyn

This is a few of the got a little thicker as the morning went on. Lots of people come out to watch and support, one of the runners with a Mohawk gave me a high five! Yeah I am cool, I know it!

Sunday morning we watched the NYC Marathon. It was pretty cool to see the runners go by and then more runners and there were so many of them. Fun site to see. (It was a little cold)

The whole Robinson Family

This is cutie, Dakota, Scouts new girlfriend!

Da' boys!

Meg and I trying to pose our puppies for a pictures, not working so well!
We took a trip to NYC to visit our friends Meg and Gabe and their "baby" Dakota! We had a nice relaxing weekend visiting and playing games and watching to dogs play together so nicely.

Joel's Birthday Dinner

Tasty arms!

A Happy Man!

As most of you know Joel's favorite food is lobster. So we decided to go out to eat and celebrate his birthday, BUT then Joel decided that he could do it better than any restaurant could. So we hit up our favorite International Supermarket (it's a fun experience!) and bought 3 live lobsters and a pound of shrimp. We headed home to enjoy our lobster feast!