Monday, September 27, 2010

The Meeting of Cousins!

this past weekend Uncle Mark, Aunt Kelly and Cousin Charlotte came to visit and meet Emabel for the first time! So fun having them around and seeing Charlotte with Em and imagining the two of them running around together in a few years!

Two of three meet...

Emabel meet one of her 2 best friends when Sara and Micah brought little Cate for dinner! It is amazing how much and how fast little Cate has changed in the last 2 months (see earlier post of our visit after her birth in June). Now we just have to get little Finn down for a visit or us up to visit and the circle will be complete! And just in case you were confused I am holding Cate (left) and Sara is holding Em (right).

Auntie Em AKA Big E

Little E meet her beautiful Aunt Emily last weekend. Auntie Em came for a visit to meet and love on Little E. What a special weekend for all! Big E is a natural with Little E and they bonded right away. Lil' E felt so comfortable with Big E that she almost peed all over her! And for all who do not know...Lil' E is named after Big E!

Grandpa Carter makes a visit

On his way home from dropping Dorothy off in TX, Grandpa Carter made a visit and was able to meet little Emabel before returning home to New Hampshire. She fell fast asleep in his arms! (Emabel looks forward to meeting Grammie Carter in early November!)

Nanet and Paul Paul

Nanet and Paul paul or Grandma and Grandpa Dixon were here from the begining of Emabel's life! We were very thankful and lucky to have them here. They helped with Em allowing mom and dad to get some much needed sleep. Not to mention the cooking and cleaning they helped with. So a BIG THANK YOU to them for all they did during their visit!