Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Happy Couple

Playing at the Park

Tonight Joel and I went to the near by park to hear "Music in the Park". Along the way we found a cool tree trunk to climb and some dogs to pet...we really miss our Scout! It was a fun dry night out unlike last night. Last night we decided to adventure out to the bar just down the street to have a pint or two. On the way I decide I had to have some ice cream so we stopped at CVS. While in CVS the sky opened and the floods came down. We were walking of course (we love how we can walk to anything from our current temporary residence) so we quickly crossed the street, stopped under an awning where I ate my ice cream. Then we entered the bar where we were met by the Miller Chill girls who gave us free beer! So the night was all worth the while...except the beer was Miller Chill, so maybe not totally worth it. We may have pictures on the Miller Chill web site. We will let you know! All in all it was a fun wet adventure. ( I can't figure out how to change the underline stuff maybe next posting I will)