Sunday, November 2, 2008

Silly me...

I just realized that my comments to the pictures are under the picture and it looks like they are with the wrong picture so don't get confused! Sorry.

NYC - Brooklyn

This is a few of the got a little thicker as the morning went on. Lots of people come out to watch and support, one of the runners with a Mohawk gave me a high five! Yeah I am cool, I know it!

Sunday morning we watched the NYC Marathon. It was pretty cool to see the runners go by and then more runners and there were so many of them. Fun site to see. (It was a little cold)

The whole Robinson Family

This is cutie, Dakota, Scouts new girlfriend!

Da' boys!

Meg and I trying to pose our puppies for a pictures, not working so well!
We took a trip to NYC to visit our friends Meg and Gabe and their "baby" Dakota! We had a nice relaxing weekend visiting and playing games and watching to dogs play together so nicely.

Joel's Birthday Dinner

Tasty arms!

A Happy Man!

As most of you know Joel's favorite food is lobster. So we decided to go out to eat and celebrate his birthday, BUT then Joel decided that he could do it better than any restaurant could. So we hit up our favorite International Supermarket (it's a fun experience!) and bought 3 live lobsters and a pound of shrimp. We headed home to enjoy our lobster feast!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Memory Walk

Joel and I Saturday at the Memory Walk!
This was our Team from the Home Instead of Montgomery County/NW DC Office!
Saturday Joel and I walked on the National Mall to support Alzheimer's in the Memory Walk 2008. It was a cool morning but the sun was shining and it was a really good time! Thank you to everyone who supported us. So far our team has raised over $3,000 and we have until the end of October to continue raising!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Joel Cooked...I didn't and wouldn't have believed but I watched it happen!
Yummy goodness
A sneak peek at the kitchen!
While I sipped tea to fight a sore throat I felt coming on, my wonderful husband made me a fabulous dinner. Seriously I think it was the best dinner he has ever made me ever! Tuna steak with a tomato, mushroom yummy salsa deal on top with of course my favorite green beans on the side! Then he let me rent Sisterhood of the traveling pants and he watched it with me...what a date night! He is sooo sweet!

Sycamore Drive

This is the living space looking behind the loveseat to the office!
Hi Scout!
We have a DISHWASHER, not sure who is more excited us or Scout!

It's been a long time in coming, me posting pics of our new place. I think part of me thought that if I didn't show pictures than you would all visit me and come and see our place...but that has only worked with a few of you so before I get yelled at anymore I thought I should post something. BUT please know that I want to do more decorating and rearranging and hanging pictures and this is just a peek of the living area, you still have to come visit!

Joel's trip to NH!

Joel went up to NH at the end of August just after the Carter's were displaced from their home because of a flood that reached 3 + feet into their first floor and their entire basement. Fortunately Home Depot and the Red Cross have been a HUGE help and they should be back into a better than new home the first of November. Please keep them in your prayers as it is difficult to be displaced and loosing personal unreplacible items.

Fenway of the South

So we did wait long to go to a sporting event, but for those of you who know us you shouldn't be surprised, especially because it was a Red Sox game! We drove to Baltimore where the Red Sox beat the Orioles and we enjoyed hot dogs and great seats with our friend Pete Larkin behind home plate. Life is rough here let me tell you.

Pictures from the move!

It was a big task, but we had lots of help! Thank you to everyone who helped in NC and VA. It looks like we will be doing it again first of next year as we look at buying a house in MD! (even the Kayaks made it!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our first visitors

Mom and Dad (Dixon) were our first visitors in our new place. They brought Scout up to his new home and a few extra pieces of furniture too! While they were here we did lots of site seeing including the National Zoo and all of the monuments! We went to dinner at a local brewery and did some tastings near Union Station. Scout will miss Grandma and Gramps but most of all I think he will miss Annie.

The BIG Move

We We said goodbye to our first home on Belmont (We have official SOLD the house and closed!) and Hello to our new house on Sycamore! This of course after lots of packing, with lots of help, and one big UHaul.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy Times!

I am the worst at this blog thing...but I promise to have more pictures of our new apartment very soon! Things are still a bit messy as we settle in! Thanks for all the prayers and support. More very soon!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Off to Sherwood Forest

Saturday, Joel and I were invited to the annual "Corn Roast" in Sherwood Forest (near Annapolis, MD) with my Uncle Billy and Aunt Melba who have a home there. For those of you who know me know that I was in heaven eating corn on the cob straight from the husk. Because I had a corn in both hands, unfortunately we have no pictures of the Corn Roast it self. But it was definitely a great time and we enjoyed seeing Melba and Bill. Here are some pictures of our Tour around Sherwood Forest.

Local Tourists

Friday Joel got out of work a bit early and we met at the National Mall (or as Aaron calls it the big park in front of the capitol). From there we explored all the touristy attractions so when you all come and visit we can show you the hot spots.

Look deep into my eyes...the right eye specifically.
This was Kelli's favorite memorial...the WWII Memorial...we got to put our feet in it!

This is outside the Air and Space Museum on the Mall. Kelli made a silly face and Joel didn't! That's a first in the history of our marriage.
Inside the museum, walking on the moon. Who would of thought in DC we would walk on the moon?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Happy Couple

Playing at the Park

Tonight Joel and I went to the near by park to hear "Music in the Park". Along the way we found a cool tree trunk to climb and some dogs to pet...we really miss our Scout! It was a fun dry night out unlike last night. Last night we decided to adventure out to the bar just down the street to have a pint or two. On the way I decide I had to have some ice cream so we stopped at CVS. While in CVS the sky opened and the floods came down. We were walking of course (we love how we can walk to anything from our current temporary residence) so we quickly crossed the street, stopped under an awning where I ate my ice cream. Then we entered the bar where we were met by the Miller Chill girls who gave us free beer! So the night was all worth the while...except the beer was Miller Chill, so maybe not totally worth it. We may have pictures on the Miller Chill web site. We will let you know! All in all it was a fun wet adventure. ( I can't figure out how to change the underline stuff maybe next posting I will)