Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is my Emabel cute or what?

Since we have been home from the hospital we have taken over 400 pictures of our little Em. She is so cute so every time she moves its cute and we have to take her picture. So I thought I would share some of her cuteness with you!!!


On September 1st at 11:55pm I awoke from a dream. But not just any dream...a dream that I was peeing myself. I sat up in bed and quickly realized that I had peed myself. So I waddled to the bathroom and noticed that fluid was still coming out. So that is when I put 2 and 2 together and yelled out to Joel, "I think my water just broke!" And he replied, "Ok honey!" and rolled over in bed. So I repeated myself' "JOEL I THINK MY WATER JUST BROKE!" Then he quickly jumped out of bed, turned on the light and said "what time is it? what color is the fluid? How much? Does it smell?" My heart was warmed to think he DID pay attention during our birthing classes!

So after we woke up and calmed from the excitement, we made a call to the doctor who told us to head to the hospital so they could check me to make sure my water did break. So that is what we did.
Once we were at the hospital and had confirmation that Lil' Em was on her way we decided to call Nanet and Paul Paul (Dixon's) to let them know to get on the road so they wouldn't miss our little angels arrival. Little did we know that it would be another 25 hours before she would make her grand appearance!
September 2nd was kinda a blur. We labored, played cards, called friends and family and waited and waited. After two epidural (the first one didn't work), two or so hours of pushing, and lots of prayer Lil' Emily Winabel Carter decided to come into the world on September 3rd at 1:19am!

Here are a few pictures that tell the story a little better than I could write!