Thursday, February 10, 2011

First meal video

First meal of mashed up bananas! Since this video we have tried Rice Cereal and Sweet Potatoes and she loves it all. She is a great eater, just like her mom!

More Videos

YIPPY it worked so now let me get my video on...

Emmy laughing in Aunt Emily's Arms

Some day I am going to learn how to properly embed video so that all can see and it is better quality than the 30 second video I get on my phone and today might be that day. I will once again try to do this correctly. So here it goes...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our trip to RI

(above) silly time with Nanet and her glasses!

(above) Emi and Mommy watching TV

(above) Uncle Isaac and Aunt Emily with Lil' Emi
Aunt Emi bought a new baby towel that is really soft for all visiting neices! Lil' Em broke it in.

(Below) Bath time in Emily and Isaac's sink
(below) Lil' Emi, Nanet and Emily looking cute
(below) Aunt Emily and Little Emi looking at the birds

Our big New England adventure. We set off to see family in New England, starting with Uncle Isaac and Aunt Emily in Rhode Island. Here are a few pics of our time there. Next, we go north to New Hampshire to see Grandma and Grandpa Carter!