Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Emi first solid food

Enjoy it so much she went cross-eyed

The above three pics are actually meal #2 (2\2\2011)

So as most of you know January was a difficult month in the Carter household. From the flu to strep throat and loss of power for 72 hours, we were very happy to say goodbye to January and look to happier days in the months ahead. So on February 1st Emi had her first real food, Bananas. She loved it! This weekend we plan to introduce some rice cearal!

More around the house

all worn out from running around with Nanet and mommy

More Bumbo time

Her first time in a Bumbo seat! She very much enjoyed sitting up in it like a big girl.

Still moment with Paw Paul
Close up!

Everyday Life...

Though the reflux is getting better we still have our moments!

My sweet Emi...

Scout has adjusted really quickly to being allowd on the couches!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

smiles and giggles!

It has been a challenge catching Emi's smiles and definately no giggles on film. As soon as the camera is on she just stares at it as to say "no cameras please, this is a private showing only." So I have to be sneaky and use my phone and descretely film when possible. I felt very lucky to catch a few giggles and smiles the other day!