Sunday, July 27, 2008

Off to Sherwood Forest

Saturday, Joel and I were invited to the annual "Corn Roast" in Sherwood Forest (near Annapolis, MD) with my Uncle Billy and Aunt Melba who have a home there. For those of you who know me know that I was in heaven eating corn on the cob straight from the husk. Because I had a corn in both hands, unfortunately we have no pictures of the Corn Roast it self. But it was definitely a great time and we enjoyed seeing Melba and Bill. Here are some pictures of our Tour around Sherwood Forest.

Local Tourists

Friday Joel got out of work a bit early and we met at the National Mall (or as Aaron calls it the big park in front of the capitol). From there we explored all the touristy attractions so when you all come and visit we can show you the hot spots.

Look deep into my eyes...the right eye specifically.
This was Kelli's favorite memorial...the WWII Memorial...we got to put our feet in it!

This is outside the Air and Space Museum on the Mall. Kelli made a silly face and Joel didn't! That's a first in the history of our marriage.
Inside the museum, walking on the moon. Who would of thought in DC we would walk on the moon?