Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Fun

October was a full month of pumpkins, birthday's and trick-or-treats!  We are all coming down off out sugar highs and excited about November. Here are a few shots from our adventures. OH and I am too lazy to put the pictures in chronological order.  So have fun guessing which ones first:)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Busy Busy Busy...

Life has been busy busy and blogging has not been on the front of mind.  BUT I got a little more sleep than normal last night so I thought I would update you all faithful checkers with some updated pics from our fall adventures. Pumpkin patches, cousins wedding, and playing at the house...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Fun

I am so bad at keeping up with the blog.  I feel as if I am always trying to catch up.  As usual life has been crazy so that is my excuse!  Here are a few pictures from our summer.  Nothing big just everyday life and enjoying being a family.

Our garden has not only been a fun time in the dirt but also provided yummy snacks too!  We spent some time in NC with cousins and Nini and PaulPaw.  And who doesn't love a cold Popsicle?

My little Emmy is turning 3 soon.  So hopefully more pictures from Birthday fun! And who knows what else is in store for the Carter Family...Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Born in the USA!

For the fourth we adventured up to New Hampshire to be with Joel's parents.  We had a great time and stayed super busy!  Drove up Monday, Tuesday Funspot, a large arcade with rides and games, Wednesday Science Center to see NH native animals and scenes, Thursday local Parade and 4th celebrations, Friday the beach and fireworks.  Not to mention cookouts and playing at the house and in the brooke behind the house...busy busy....and lots of fun!
4th Sparklers both Em and Caleb were so brave holding them

Funspot on a rainy day

Group shot at the science center

daddy caught a frog

exploring the Science Center trails

Bear country

walking to the parade

watching the parade

eating candy from the parade

playing in the back yard

playing in the brooke
beach day - sand castles

walking to the fireworks 30 mins after bedtime and fireworks don't start for another hour or more....

cotton candy and glow wands - that will help keep them awake and not so cranky