Sunday, April 26, 2009


Meg and Gabe (below) and Sara and Micah (above)

Easter was different this year because we are not near family so we had close friends come to town and we celebrated in our new home together...then the plumbing backed up and 6 people in the house with no working that is true friendship!

Cherry Blossoms!

So...the weekend we moved was the peak weekend for the famous Cherry Blossom Festival at the Jefferson Tidal Basin. We decided that because it only comes around once a year we should check it out. So we dropped everything in the middle of unpacking and headed downtown with the crowds. It was really pretty and worth the trip.

We moved to Maryland, our new home state! I don't recommened moving 2x in one year, not fun at all!

Catching Up!

Scout didn't help with the longevity of the snowman!
It melted!

Joel made a snowman!

A lot has happened since I updated you all last...(I am the worst). We had snow...we moved...and went to the cherry blossom festival in DC! So here are some pictures of those adventures.