Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Worth the wait!!!

Caleb James Carter finally joined us on March 28th at 9:07pm. As many of you know I was very ready, overly ready to meet this little man and in the end it was well worth the wait! Labor was super quick with this little guy (especially when I compare it to my 26 hour labor with Emily). We arrived at the hospital around 6:30pm, I started pushing at 9:02pm and 5 min later we were introduced to the most beautiful little boy! Here are a few pictures of our stay at the hospital.

This picture was taken in the delivery room soon after Caleb was born.
Emily meets Caleb and holds him for the first time. She was a proud big sister!

This was a family shot before we left the hospital!
Emily found fun and interesting ways to entertain herself and us during her visits! She became a quick favorite of all the nurses.
Me and my beautiful babies!
So a few days before Caleb came we finally installed his car seat. I think this was a big realization for us that, YES we are parents of 2 children! Every time I see the 2 car seats it hits me and I still can't believe it!
Emily helped out a lot and took all of our calls at the hospital so we wouldn't have to worry. (note the "phone" is the remote to the TV)
My men all dressed up in their Tuxedo Shirts! HANDSOME!!!

One last pre-Caleb post!

Joel and Emmy were able to spend some quality time together before Caleb came and I got in as many hugs and kisses as possible. We also bought a new double stroller and put it together so we were ready to roll as soon as Caleb was born!