Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Pics!

For all anxiously
waiting Carter Christmas Poem is coming soon! We tried for a cute family photo but she had had enough!

Joel is going for the Santa look this year!

First Flight...Austin, TX

Oh and I almost forgot to share about our flying adventures...So we started in NC and flew through Chicago to Austin. I was kinda anxious because I was flying alone with Emi and didn't want to be "THAT lady with the crying baby". But on the way out it all went great. She was awesome sleeping most of the way and being cute. We were blessed to sit next to very sweet and understanding people. Our flights arrived early and took off on time! So all went awesome. NOW on the way back it was a little different...I was very excited because we had a direct flight from Austin back home so I was thinking we were smooth sailing. Until I arrived at the airport and because of bad weather in Chicago our flight was delayed 1 big deal just threw off my plan for Emi with nursing and sleeping but we can handle it. So we finally board our flight and not even an hour into it Emi wakes up and is fussy...then lets loose a masive poop. (Leigh didn't I tell you she would do that to me?!) So once we reached our flying altitude I ventured to the front bathroom where there is a "changing table" aka a fold down flat board, and proceeded to change my sweet angles diaper. As I began to undress her I realized that this lovely present she made was all over her...up her back and on her clothes. So I striped her down changed the diaper as best I could in such a small place and carried her back to our seat with just her diaper on. Luckily I thought ahead and brought a change of clothes but getting a 3 month old into a oneise in an airplane seat isnt the easiest. We finally landed and were waiting on Joel because his flight was delayed 2 hours therefore our ride, Joel, was delayed. So we sat tight for 2 and 1/2 hours until we finally made it home around 1230am! What an adventure!!!

As I mentioned earlier, Joel had training in TX and so Emi and I took the opportunity to fly out and meet him and visit my Brother and his girlfriend. This was their first time meeting Emi. We had lots of fun and enjoyed 75 degree weather in December! Thank you Aaron and Leigh for letting us take over your lives for the weekend with all our baby stuff. Love you guys!

First Snow

Emi experienced her first snow and believe it or not it was while we were in NC!

Visit with Great Grandma McCurry

After Thanksgiving Emi and I stayed in NC for an extended visit while Joel headed off to TX for work. During our stay we ventured to the central part of NC to visit my grandma and Emi's Great Grandma. It was so good to see her and see her meet Emi. So blessed to have four generations in one room!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Rolling Over

Today my sweet little Emabel turned 3 months old. She has been celebrating her birthday week by keeping mommy up all night long and I can't figure it out. BUT she totally redeemed herself tonight when we were G-chating with daddy and she rolled over for the first time ever and Joel got to see it all! No pictures yet but over the next few days we will try to capture it all on video!

Cousin Time Interupted

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Kelli and Joel are so sleepy these days!

Uncle mark is eating Emabel's foot!

Nanet is sleepy after cooking a yummy dinner and helping with her grandbabies (and doggies)!
Uncle Danny came to visit and watch the Pats with us. He met Emi for the first time and of course thought she was the best ever.
After dinner we all felt like doing what Emi did! Pass out with a full tummy! I was very thankful because Emi let me eat an entire meal while it was still hot! Thanks Emi.

Finally we joing her and enjoy and delicious feast! So blessed.

Charlotte is patiently waiting for us all to join her for Thanksgiving dinner.

Cousin time!

Watching the Patriots play on Thanksgiving Day. The whole family even Scout's wearing his bandana.

Is that a smile?

First big road trip to NC

Emi was able to meet her 3rd cousin, Marshal. She cuddled right up to him.

Nanet and Charlotte made cupcakes and decorated them to share! Cooking with Nanet is always YUMMY!

Charlotte is an awesome big cousin to little Emi. She enjoyed reading to her and making her smile.

Above - Tea party with cousin Charlotte and Nanet

On the Friday before Thanksgiving I picked up my sister-in-law and neice at Union Station (and it was so pretty all decorated Christmas) and drove to NC to visit with Nanet and Paul Paul. My poor dad was out numbered 5 to 1, but we didn't hear any complaining from him as he soaked in all the youth from his beautiful grandaughters!

Monday, November 15, 2010

BFFs and mommies too!

My bestest friends in the world both had babies this year and both had beautiful little girls. So that makes three...this past weekend we all were able to be together and introduce the little ones who are destined to be best of friends. Meg and Finn came in from NYC and we met at Sara and Cate's house for some fun photos (yes we are crazy mommies who are very proud of our little ones). Cate was born in June and Finn was born in Sept. just 15 days after Em. Hopefully we will all get together again sooner than later and our girls will grown up knowing each other and become BFFs!