Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Kelli and Joel are so sleepy these days!

Uncle mark is eating Emabel's foot!

Nanet is sleepy after cooking a yummy dinner and helping with her grandbabies (and doggies)!
Uncle Danny came to visit and watch the Pats with us. He met Emi for the first time and of course thought she was the best ever.
After dinner we all felt like doing what Emi did! Pass out with a full tummy! I was very thankful because Emi let me eat an entire meal while it was still hot! Thanks Emi.

Finally we joing her and enjoy and delicious feast! So blessed.

Charlotte is patiently waiting for us all to join her for Thanksgiving dinner.

Cousin time!

Watching the Patriots play on Thanksgiving Day. The whole family even Scout's wearing his bandana.

Is that a smile?

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