Friday, May 6, 2011


Some of you know that Emmy and I have been struggling with teething for the past 2 months. Everything from pulling ears, rubbing checks, drooling, putting everything in her mouth, fussing and lets not forget not sleeping. I have read and heard that some babies go through teething without a sign or trace and one day surprise there is a tooth. While others go through agony and torture (for both baby and mom). Unfortunately we have had the later experience. BUT on May 2 tooth #1 made an appearance and hopefully it will get easier from here on out!
Here are a few pics of her chewing on celery and pretzels! Double fisting it!!


We had a great Easter in Philly at Mark and Kelly's house. Emmy had a great time playing and watching her big cousin and getting lovin' from Aunts and Uncles and Nanet and Paul Paw.


Emmy and I are staying busy ripping up carpet and eating grass or flowers or whatever is in reach! We are jumping around from state to state and seeing as many people as we can and we are both very tiered and ready to slow down, but before we do we are headed to TX.