Monday, October 31, 2011


We decided one day was not long enough for us to show off our little lion! So we dressed up 3 times. I will try to explain each picture and our halloween adventures...
This was the night we had the moms group halloween party (Thursday!)
Sunday we carved pumpkins and let Emmy play in the pumpkin goop!
This is Halloween night- trick-or-treating!

Saturday night we had dinner at friends house and they made yummy delicious stuffed pumpkins! They were amazing! Thank you Robinson's!

The weekend before Halloween we went to get the perfect pumpkin!
This is Emmy with her friend at church (Trunk-or-Treat got snowed out- yes snow!) The Lion and Tiger!
Saturday morning we made pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips! Emmy had a blast with this!
Emmy has a new love for lollypops! You can't tell by her facial expression but really she loves them!!
Playing in the leaves at the park with mommy! Just a bonus.

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Rob And Son said...

Love that girl! Why are they growing up so fast....she looks like such a big girl with that sucker. Aunt Meg and Cousin Finn Marie send lots of hugs and kisses (ps she is the cutest lion I've ever seen). xo