Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Off to see my sista and her huband in RI

I went to RI for a long weekend to visit the RI Home Instead Senior Care office and visit my sister and her hubby! We had a great time and I enjoyed seeing their life there!
Isaac and I talking about the history of Providence, RI and Firewater!
SO my camera sucks that is why below the picture is all crazy like and above you can see the three of us hanging out by the Firewater dealio!

This is "Firewater" where they have fire pits along the water in downtown Providence, RI and a big festival with music and dancing and funness! They try to have one every Saturday in the summer but there isn't always funding. It is very Italianish with gondola rides and everything!
Emily was the photographer of the night and here is Isaac and Kelli walking downtown!
This is what "Firewater" looks like during the day before they start the fires!
Emily and I by a beautiful fountain very close to their house.
Close up! Definitely making us both look super hot!
Isaac trying to capture the sky with photography!

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