Tuesday, January 27, 2009

After arriving at 4am on Wednesday morning (Christmas Eve) and staying 4 nights with lots of fun, laughs, and games we had to say good bye. So one last pic with mr. snowman!
and more snow pants!
Yeah for snow pants!
This is Dorothy, Timothy playing the Star Wars game we got him for Christmas, and Abigail!
and our Timothy, her brother, our nephew. He is so smart and loves Star Wars!
This is our Neice, Mekiah (i think i spelled that right). Isn't she so cute...she has soooo much energy!
Scout loved the snow and playing with Pepper! It was so deep that he could not walk through it, he had to leap. When it was time to go in we had to brush the snow off of him and when we rolled him over we found clumps of snow stuck to his "feathers". We had to blow dry him off each time! Silly dog.

Here is a pic of the family (Abigail was inside) and our snowman!
We went to NH for Christmas and I finally had a white Christmas! It was awesome. We made a snowman, went sledding down the biggest hill ever. It took us 20 minutes just to climb up the hill and when we got to the top the apparent vacation house that is always empty had a fire going and a family in it. So joel nicely asked if we could sled in the yard! Fun times!

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Mark Dixon said...

its funny. i still check your blog a lot.